International Area

Structure and contacts

Boards and staff

ASA is characterized by the high profile of the scientific direction composed of academics, scholars and professionals of recognized competence, joined by researchers with international experience.

Scientific Director

Pierluigi Malavasi, Professor of Pedagogy

Scientific Direction

  • Prof. Pierluigi Malavasi, Scientific Director
  • Prof. Roberto Zoboli, Professor of Political Economy
  • Prof. Stefano Pareglio, Associate Professor of Enviromental Economy
  • Prof. Pier Sandro Cocconcelli, Professor of Microbiology
  • Prof. Luigi Pati, Head of the Department, Faculty of Education
  • Prof. Alfredo Marzocchi, Head of the Department, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Ilaria Beretta, coopted member of the Management Committee
  • Dr.  Alessandra Vischi, coopted member of the Management Committee
  • Dr. Giovanni Panzeri, Managing director of UCSC Brescia


  • Dr. Ilaria Beretta
  • Dr. Yves Gaspar
  • Dr. Alessandra Vischi

Researchers and professionals

  • Ada Rosa Balzan, sustainable tourism
  • Cristina Birbes, food and education
  • Floriana Bolsieri, fund raising
  • Sara Bornatici, training and green marketing
  • Caterina Braga, smart city
  • Caterina Calabria, human development and
  • Emanuele Cabini, food management
  • Patrizia Galeri, environmental education
  • Teresa Giovanazzi, Expo 2015 and education to green lifestyle
  • Stefano Mazza, environmental communication
  • Simona Sandrini, food mobility and sustainable mobility
  • Matteo Viadana Piovesan, environmental communication
  • Orietta Vacchelli, international project
  • Serena Mazzoli, coordinator of post graduate course “Human development and environment”
  • Cristian Righettini, coordinator of post graduate course “Human development and environment"
  • Elisa Zane, technical coordinator of ASA


ASA - Alta Scuola per l'Ambiente
Via Trieste, 17 - 25121 Brescia

Direction office - tel. 030.2406212
Staff office - tel. 030.2406336
Information office - tel. 030.2406333; fax 030.2406330

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