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About UCSC


The postgraduate schools of the Catholic University are high level structures featuring excellence in research and didactical activities and, within the respective fields of enquiry and interest, they represent the answer of the University to the great challenges posed by the demands of new professional profiles and by the requirements of the new training and education models. 

Founded in 1921, the Catholic University is located in the sites of Milano, Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona, Roma. The University offers a wide and articulate range of opportunities for studying in humanistic as well as in scientific disciplines.

Both during and after the graduate or post-graduate studies, the University ensures adequate orientation and tutorial activities which accompany the students during their studying periods: for instance, during the stage and various trainings, in the programmes of scientific collaboration with both European and non-European countries, in placement services which enables the student to familiarise with the professional world and with the job markets, a relevant dialogue is established between the University and career opportunities.      

The University is part of an international academic network which favours frequent exchanges for conferences, seminars and research activities.